Why blog now?

When I first came to Germany for my student teaching, I attempted to start a blog, but then it quickly fell by the wayside. I had too much work and traveling to do – and while I had a lot of pictures, if I wasn’t going to write anything, I might as well just put them on Facebook.

When I actually moved over here last summer, I again considered starting a blog. Everything was different and exciting, but maybe too different and exciting to write about. Everything was weird and it was hard to get a perspective on things.

Now that I’ve been here several months, settled into mine and my fiancé’s flat, and almost finished my integration course, I feel like I have the distance I need from the newness to figure out what is “actually” weird and what was just culture shock. I also have a backlog of pictures and experiences, so when my life is currently boring, I’ll have something to draw off of.

I’m glad things are starting to settle and I’m feeling less and less like a tourist, but I still see weird things all the time. Maybe they’re weird because they’re German or maybe they’re just plain weird, but that’s why I have comments enabled so that my German friends can tell me the difference.


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