May 12th – Favorite Blogging Tools

I feel a bit inexperienced for today’s prompt for Blog Everyday in May, which is about favorite blogging tools, but I am very excited to read what others have to say. I just started seriously blogging in March, so I’m still working out what works best for me. I’m excited to see what programs or items more experience bloggers tend to use, and reading through some of their posts, I’m already getting some ideas that could improve my blog quite a bit (Evernote and Canva have come up a few times and I plan on checking those out).

The most important tool that I use is my phone.  It is basically an appendage, and I’ve written quite a bit on it so far. I generally prefer to read through things again on the computer, and it’s easier to add pictures to my posts through the web program for – though the majority of my pictures come from my phone.

My phone with it's dorky wallet case. I drop it a lot, and the wallet adds some cheap extra protection.
My phone with it’s dorky wallet case. I drop it a lot, and the wallet adds some cheap extra protection.

If I decide to actually work on my photography skills, I might start using a real camera. But right now, I just snap quick shots of things I find interesting, so the phone is good enough (and I always having it anyway!).

I also use the WordPress app on my phone, which I quite like. I don’t know how things may change if I ever move over to self-hosted, though. If anyone has more info about moving to self-hosted, I’d love some tips! But for right now, it’s nice to have a lot of options right at my fingertips.

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-12-17-35-18.pngTo my blog friends, are there any tools you think I should try, especially mobile apps?  I would love to hear suggestions!


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