New Yorker – Flags Everywhere #7 and Awkward English #5

If you want to be entertained, just find a New Yorker store.  This store, presumably targeted to young people, has the most ridiculous clothing.  I can only assume that at their headquarters there is a design board covered entirely with printouts of tumblr posts.

Of course I have photo evidence so you can see what I mean.


Have you been searching for a super-long, short sleeved hoodie covered in donuts and a cheeky saying? Look no further.  Found one for you.


Confederate flag smiley face? Got you covered.  You can add it to your Confederate flag apparel collection that already contains this gem from their summer stock.


There definitely is a irony to selling Confederacy merchandise in a store named “New Yorker,” but I wouldn’t put it past Americans to sell Lederhosen in a store called “Berliner” or DDR merchandise in a store called “Munich.”

Warning, adult language coming.  Hide yo’ kids.


I love this shirt.  And Germans care way less about cursing than Americans, so this shirt was actually in the front window display as well.


Flags Everywhere #5

I hit the motherload of America themed merchandise today.  Behold!


We’ve got various wall decorations featuring the Statue of Liberty, flags, and other vintage-y Americana type things. We’ve got some American trays, presumably for eating bacon and eggs in bed with a steaming cup of overly strong black coffee.  We’ve got some American flag napkins to clean up after your breakfast in bed. And finally we’ve got some hundred dolla’ bill tissues because your nose deserves the best (there are some Euro ones as well, but ignore those).

Flags Everywhere #4

Look at the glory of this American milkshake.


The double flag, the cowgirl, the cut off Las Vegas sign (at first I thought it just said LA, but upon closer inspection I saw the truth).  I had to have it. Thankfully it was only 49¢, so I was able to talk the Verlobter into throwing it in with our groceries.

I didn’t think we could possibly top this American glory until I saw these babies:


Prepackaged cheeseburgers.  Kaufland was full of magic today.